A unique and rather small town in Eastern Europe (west coast of Estonia)
that has a compelling history and wonderful nature,
a health resort and sunny beaches. Take a moment to indulge yourself
in something mystical
and liberating!

Welcome to our interesting world,
In this site the themes and activities in Haapsalu and near west coast just for you!

In summer time programme overview: much entertainment, beaches, Valge Daam etc.
In autumn-winter-spring time programme: peace of mind, away from urban noise, health procedures,
walking in Haapsalu and enjoying the breathtaking cafes and museums.

Web production for Mallard info@haapsalutrip.eu
Or meet us in the seaside.
We would like to thank Carl Abraham and Karl Artur for composing texts and gathering good ideas (most likely the ancestors of seagulls knew C. A Hunnius and thats why he is called by his first name :), Dr. Hans Alver, Roman Haavamäe, G.-R. Raudver, M. Martinson, Läänemaa muuseum, the government of Haapsalu and of course, our feathered friends. We are moved by the positivity and kindness of people in Haapsalu :)

Write us, if you please and let us know about your ideas and dreams ...